Sunday, June 20, 2010

What if God isn't all powerful?

Happy Father's Day to me and all of the fathers out there to try to one of the hardest jobs around.  Collectively, we think of the Father, God, that is, as an all powerful being who had control over all things good and bad, not unlike my 4 year old son who looked up at me with his all entrusting eyes, as he gave me a Father's day card that he made at school.  Later after thinking of that moment, I realized how my role on the Earth ballooned ten fold.  Not only am I assigned the role of father, breadwinner, maid, cook, handy-man, playmate, driver and story reader, now I am also slated to be "role model," which is as hard as all of the other duties and then some.  That's a tough job.  I do the best I can, and I am certainly not going to win Father of the Year anytime soon.  There is a lot to learn and since my Dad isn't the advice or support giving type, it's a series of trial and error events.

Now, just as I may not be as perfect as my son thinks (I dread the day the truth comes out), I wonder if God Almighty suffers the same fate.  What if God has a limited capacity to help us if any at all.  I recently have been wondering why God doesn't live on Earth with us and maybe the answer is because he can't.  Why wouldn't he want to.  Just think, you'd never lose another library book again and have to spend two days looking for it and end up having to pay a $1.20 fee.  He could tell you to not to supersize your #1 meal at McDonalds because you don't need to add any more cholesterol to your diet, not to mention the extra few pounds to your gut.  Life is hard and I think that it is designed that way.  So for all the fathers who get up every morning and think about their wife and children before themselves, I commend you.  Happy Fathers' Day

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