Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Golden Compass

I'm reading (actually listening in my car while driving to clients) Phil Pullman's Dark Materials series.  There are a lot of very interesting characters, many of whom are manipulative, powerful, and greedy.  I cannot relate to these people, probably by design since the character development of these figures are not expanded upon in depth.  However, it makes me wonder if I could act like one of these characters.  Would I be able to kill someone to get what I want?  Is there anything in the world that is worth killing for?  Nothing comes to mind, but I may not be the most ambitious person around.  I wonder if leaders of industry and state have a tinge of ruthlessness inside of them, if not darker facilities.  Perhaps, I should realign my goals.  I suppose I am a supporter of win-win situations, while the most ambitious of souls have no reservations about securing themselves on the win side of a win-lose scenario.  Kind of psychopathic, if you ask me, but maybe it is just a matter of opinion.

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