Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pain and pleasure

I just realized something...without pain there can be no pleasure.  This has to be true even though it isn't as intuitive as I might have thought.  I thought of this as I scalded my foot (on purpose).  Well, I didn't really scald my foot, but here's a better example, "why does scratching an itch feel so good?"  Why does food taste so good when you are very hungry? Maybe it's endorphins at work.  I don't really know, but we are brought into this world crying and then made happy by bonding and feeding off of one's mother...absent emotions, we would just have feelings (that couldn't be hurt).  That must be what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom (and maybe a few other
That's the wacky thought for this morning.


  1. Lest not forget that one does not beget the other. A life of destitution and unfulfilled desires, a 100 mile walk through the Mojave, a year of living in New Jersey, does in no way guarantee a day in the life of Paris Hilton.

  2. Pain is such a consuming event. The week before last, I was writhing in pain, bedridden for 48 hours with strep throat, or it's close cousin. I couldn't sleep for more than an hour at a time and I had such muscle aches and pains that I actually thought I might live. Well, I did and my hat comes off for anyone who lives with chronic pain. Why isn't there a cure aside from narcotics? How can Sayid from Lost live with himself? Should we all be bad so we can experience redemption?


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