Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parting Words

Saw a funny movie on pbs a couple of nights ago.  It wasn't funny, funny, but thought provoking funny.  It was called Parting Words

The indie movie told a story about some friends after coming of age...during the newlywed years.  The mix if guys and gals was pretty least pretty believable based on the genre.  There were the good girls, the bad girl, the alpha male, the Macbeth type, and the ugly dude.

The movie played out in a very predictable manner, but since it was fairly believable, it was watchable.  The most memorable character was the bad girl.  She was the one that all the guys wanted (and had) and all the girls were jealous of--because even though they married their boys, they knew deep down the boys really wanted her instead.

The bad girl ended up having the heart of gold anyway, as predicted and the rest of the circle played out their roles as expected as well.  The funny part is that people are way too predictable.  I wouldn't be surprised if this theme has been repeating itself since the beginning of time.

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