Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where's Superman when you need him?

I think the days of the Superhero are numbered...well at least the guy dressed in spandex and a cape, that is, unless you happen to fancy picturing Michael Moore in a superman get up. Yes, the need for superheroes died with the mythical supervillian, but I guess the supervillian never really existed, except in the wild imaginations of comic book and fantasy genre writers.

If the Joker, the Riddler, and the bad superman have all been banished from Gotham City, where does evil lie? Is the new superheo found in the likes of Michael Moore? What a thought. He seems to have his watch on supervillians (at least the ones in his eyes). What a great thought. The meek and humble (ala-Harry Potteresque unsuspecting hero) emerges to save the citizens in peril. He really needs a better publicist. Maybe he can get the guy from Hancock, because this story could be as big as the Justice League of America (that's the JLA for you young'ins).

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