Sunday, May 17, 2009

10,000 hour rule

I'm really digging this 10,000 hour rule, or the Learn Programming in 10 Years.  It makes me think more and more how success really needs to be planned. Ten years is a long time to study anything and becoming an expert at one subject excludes expertise in a multitude of others.  That means it is gamble.  I remember graduating as an engineer in the early 1990's.  Job fairs were lame.  Advertisements in the classified were bleak at best.  My timing was poor.  At least now I can understand a little more about how things work.  I guess I was the unlucky chum so some other field could grow in fertile seclusion.  Thinking back on it, I wonder why I just didn't become a doctor or lawyer.  Kids are so ignorant.  I was among the worst.

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