Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick Jobs

I recently commented on an interesting article I read on Internet Evolution.  Basically the author was objecting to the fact that Google can collect advertising revenues on questionable content, like videos of hooligans visciously attacking handicapped people...I didn't see the video, nor did I want to and didn't want to see it to understand the author's point.  I totally agree with the author.  There are just some things that cross the line.
On another note, that certainly opens up an opportunity for some saavy (and unscrupulous) marketing plans.  As a test, I googled for info Steve Jobs being sick.  If anyone has the power to control the net, then Jobs has a good chance.  There it is, you can be all alone if you search for 'Steve Jobs sick' if you want it.  You can go one step further and corner the market for 'Steve Jobs dies,' as well; if you have no scruples, that is.
Maybe I should buy ads for the keywords "Google stupid".  Actually I just checked it and I could be first on the ad list...better watch out, though...oops, there's a knock at my door.  Must be the google police.


  1. Interesting...comment on an article and then blog about it. Nice link work!

  2. What about Facebook links and content. How can you record those?


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