Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hume » Mach » Einstein » not me

It isn't every day that I learn something new, but I try.  I'm a big fan of the philosopher, David Hume.  I think he's was as wise as he was fat, an epicurean hog, as Berkeley put it, I think.  Hume was full of original ideas and made major contributions to the activity of philosophy. 
Subsequently, Ernst Mach (pronounced max--what a cool name) was a philosopher and a scientist.  The speed of sound measure is named after him.  Additionaly, Mach's principle is as follows:
"[The] investigator must feel the need of... knowledge of the immediate connections, say, of the masses of the universe. There will hover before him as an ideal insight into the principles of the whole matter, from which accelerated and inertial motions will result in the same way." ...from Wikipedia
Einstein was influenced by Mach's ideas and attributed, in part, his idea of relativity to the works of Mach.  Fascinating. 
Where are all these smart people now?  Dead of course.  I wonder who the smart people are in my generation?

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