Monday, February 16, 2009


House is a funny show.  House is a smart doctor.  In fact, he's the smartest doctor in the hospital.  He gets results, not from knowing everything, but he is very good at solving problems.  His staff is also very smart.  Many times, or maybe every time, his staff helps him solve cases that he wouldn't have been able to crack on his own.

I finally figured out why the the arrogant, coarse doctor in charge is so popular.  He is an intellectual's alpha-male dream.  Here is is an average looking Joe with a crippled leg and as many faults as a Philip K. Dick hero, yet uses his brain to always come out on top.  It is his commanding intellect which gives him the ultimate power (even his boss is an attractive, power hungry woman).  Jeez.  That Dick guy knew what sells.

Another appealing characteristic of Dr. House is that, even though he is surrounded by smart, capable doctors, he is the one who always gets the credit.  An easy way to end the series would simply be to introduce another character who was smarter than he was.  Then all of his accomplishments, big and small, would be reduced to the commonplace.  Dr. House was good, but Dr. Mansion, he's the best (there is after all only room for one alpha-male).

So Dr. House, enjoy it while it lasts.  We enjoy watching your brilliance as you put your reputation on the line week after week.  Now I understand why people quit while they are ahead.

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