Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get up and run

I wouldn't call myself a runner.  One look at me would confirm that.  However, a three mile run wouldn't kill me.  In fact, this morning, when I woke up it was 12 degrees outside and I still went for a run as planned.  It wasn't 3 miles, but just about 2.  Winter running is especially hard: with added layers of fat from eating comfort food in the confines of your warm house; with the ever mounting stress because of the plummeting economy; with every other excuse in the book; it is easy to just say no.  But I did it and while I was running and could barely feel my face, I wondered, why am I doing this.  My gut made me do it attesting to philosopher David Hume's theory, "reason is a slave to the emotions."  Therefore, trying to figure out the why is pretty pointless, but the fact that I did means something.  I did.  Maybe that means something good.  I hope so.

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