Sunday, February 8, 2009

Degrees of Objectification of Will

I am trying to learn a bit more about music.  My current level of expertise is a hair above nil, but music has become very curious to me, lately.  My current favorite site,  After learning about the famous philosopher/composer, J-J Rousseau, I have been intrigued by the fact that he was an accomplished composer in addition to his philosophical writings.  Was music then, as Shopenhauer described, the highest form of art?  I find it hard to argue against it.  Music doesn't get tangled up in linguistics, as Wittgenstein found was the problem with philosophy (at least that which was written).  Maybe there's a culture somewhere that communicates via symphonies (say if birds and not primates developed the big brain--if that sci-fi story hasn't been written, then it should be)...must save that thought in my pensieve.  No time to figger it out now, but maybe it'll come to me.  Note to self, netflix Amadeus.

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