Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time Travel

I finally understand time travel.  It took me like a day to figure it out, but like Napoleon Dynamite and Wittgenstein, I'm a polymath and since I understand how things work it only takes me an instant to understand a concept in entirety and immediately.  Now after listening to part of Hawkings book, A Briefer History In Time (listen because reading is so 20th Century and I listen to abridged versions of books becaues most books--even Harry Potter books--could stand to be a lot shorter), a chapter on time travel sparked my interest.  Since it is almost purely theoretical and not scientific I found myself knowing the chapter before I read it.
Time travel basically involves worm holes and bending time and going faster than the speed of light, but that's all wrong.  Light is a perception and just going faster than you can see something doesn't mean that you turn back time.  Quantum Theory is about as accurate as Greek Mythology, I have to say.  It is the religion of trying to explain something that happens in nature using mathematical formulas sprinked with magical constants that must be passed over in silence.
Anyway, time travel is most likely very hard to achieve, but it is also highly undesireable.  How do I know that?  Because everyone who has done it is dead.  That's the catch.  You have to die to go back in time and who wants to do that?  There's even a machine to do it though we won't know about it for many many years.  Here's the other catch, time travel is like a rewind button.  Going back in time means literally going back in time.  You can be a baby again, if you want, but you cannot retain any knowledge of adolescence or adulthood because the time machine does not alter the universe for an individual, it just backs up a few frames.
See, the big problem with being a natural is that you are confined to nature.  Is there any case of where something is and then is not?  Do things ever disappear?  No they just change states.  Can a time machine be here one second and then gone the next?  No.  Of course not.  Could gravity be turned on and off with a switch?  Never.  But there is one thing that can utterly and entirely simply vanish as if it never was and that is life.  You can be alive one second and gone the next, never to return and almost never as if was.  Even that is subject to the rigors of biology.  People don't spontaneously die though.  You can't even will it.  You have to do it.  Anyway, maybe the only thing time travel and life have in common are that they are two things I don't understand.  Based on that, they must be related...yeah right.

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