Friday, January 16, 2009

The end of the Internet

I'm reading books on philosophy and cosmology and there are definitive limits on things physical and conceptual.  Those outside cannot be spoken of...what an easy way to avoid any contradictions or problems in all of our neatly construed models.  So we cannot speak of what was before the Big Bang or what is colder than Absolute Zero or even The Meaning of Life.  That is almost how I feel about my finances.  I cannot speak of my net worth a month from now since there is no such thing as cause and effect and since the future has not happened and obviously it is not simply an older present, how could I expect to know anything about my bank balances a month from now?  With an infinite number of possibilities, and since the Bell Curve has been broken by the Long Tail, who's to say I'm not a Black Swan?
But I digress.  With the end of analog TV quickly approaching (Feb 2009?), an era of TV will move into the shadows of the past.  It wasn't unpredictable, though how TV's can stream images from thin air is well beyond me.  If I was the last man on earth, I could spend 10 lifetimes before I could figure out how to recreate that technological feat.  Anyway, I'm thinking now of starts and ends.  The Internet is all the rage now, but can it be predicted when it will end?  Can we plug some starting values into the Theory of Relativity and come up with a reasonable guess?  Analog TV seems to have lasted for about 50 years.  Videotapes lasted about 40.  HD DVD's about 2.  What about the internet.  My guess would be about 10 more years.

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