Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Age of Computers

We are living in the age of computers.  This means that many decisions we make are computer assisted.  If I want to read a book, I don't just go to a book store and read the back covers, though I used to do this when I was in college...for real.  Instead I go to Amazon.com or bn.com and read reviews before making a choice.  Then if I find a book that sounds interesting I don't order it, but I login to my library account and see if any of 50 surrounding libraries has the book.  If they do, then I see if they have it in audio available for download, which I put on my MP3 player and listen to it in my car or wherever.  If they don't then I get it on CD and then copy it to my MP3 player via ripping it to Windows.  If it sounds really good then I just request the item online at my library and then they have it shipped to my local branch and I get a phone call a couple of days later when it comes in.  If they don't have it in my local branch, then I use one of my other library cards that searches their collection in the next state.  If the book is brand new or out of print sometimes I look on Amazon.com in their used book sellers.  If I know that I want the book then I spend the $1 to $5 plus $5 shipping and handling and get the book in a couple of weeks.  Then the book(s) sit on my shelf until it's due at the library or until I go on vacation and have time to sit and read it.  Life with computers sure is complicated, but then again, computers are my livelihood and without them, I'd probably be cutting wood and sinking nails for a living, which wouldn't be so bad either.

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