Saturday, January 17, 2009

The 60 Second Philosopher

I do a lot of thinking...probably too much, though I can't help it. One habit, I have, though is to record my thought as often as I can. I have found four repeatable patterns to do this:

One: write down ideas in a journal. One benefit of using a notebook is that I get to doodle and draw diagrams and arrows and things not limited to typed or spoken words;
Two: send emails to my blog. This is what I'm doing now and anyone who reads my blog would agree that this is very streamy writing and not of much use, but better than nothing (I think/write);
Three: texting messages to myself using my phone. I have my phone on me all the time so it is a no brainer to use my phone to capture my thoughts. The only problem is that texting is not somthing that can be done with alacrity and it forces me to slow down and severely filter my thoughts...not always a bad thing;
Four: Use my phone's sound recorder to record a know, the proverbial, note to self. The only problem with that is I have an excess of 300 note to selfs. and getting them out of my phone into a usable medium is not the easiest thing to do. Transcription is something I never have time for.

In that light, there are also certain instances where I can generate ideas for my documentation...running on the treadmill, lying in bed, talking to my friend, or while listening to audiobooks in the car. None of these are planned events for generating ideas, yet they are usually pretty good at it.

Finally one day I want to Lulu all of my ideas so I can have more fodder for thought and hopefully one day can form my own philosophical framework.

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