Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Minute Offense

I'm still playing soccer every Thursday night.  That and squash on Saturdays are my two only hobbies, unless you count listening to audio books whenever I have to drive to meet clients.  Last night we were shorthanded...or shortfooted and we didn't have any subs.  That meant 38 minutes without a break.  It wasn't as bad as I thought since I mainly hung out in the backfield playing defense...and not so well I might add, but I did get better as the game progressed.  Our usual defenders were no-shows so we had midfielders playing defense.  Naturally we got killed in the game.
It wasn't so terrible and I did have some decent plays.  I wasn't in constant pain during the game so I could actually run without feeling like dying.  Maybe I played a little too conservatively, but there's always next week....well after New Years that is.
My favorite part of the game has got to be the last two minutes.  It's when both teams are trying their best to get one last goal.  Some players are watching the clock waiting for the final buzzer, while others step it up a notch.  That's when I like to play stopper.  It is actually easier at this point because that's when people don't like to pass the ball and I know that.  They are more interested in their own stats as opposed to some good passing and an easy goal.  Whenever I can hold off a goal in the final minutes it feels like a birdie on the 18th hole.  Last night was a good game.

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