Monday, December 15, 2008

Thinking about thinking

In this world there are three types of thoughts, thoughts about thoughts, thoughts about acting (real or fantastic), and thoughts while acting.  The former two I consider voluntary thought and the latter involuntary thought.  The animal part of us lives in the involuntary and the dysfunctional part of us lives in the voluntary.  True, sometimes thinking is productive and helps us in our daily lives, but a good portion of the thought that goes through our minds is mere noise...probably like the internet.  Blogs are part of the noise (Herbert Simon and Teddy Sturgeon would agree).  In fact I'd probably be hard pressed to find anything of merit on the web, this blog included.
The mere fact that you are reading this reinforces the concept that I am wasting your time, not to mention the time it took me to write it down, even if it took me a lifetime to come up with the idea (but really it only took a few days of wasted voluntary thought).  And the fact that this blog has the potential to waste the time of millions of blog readers is quite shocking, though I am quite certain I will be the only one to read it.  Sorry for wasting your time, but maybe you need to read this.  Stop reading blogs and go out and do something that maximized involuntary thought, hopefully for good instead of evil, but those are concepts that do not apply to my pseudo-philosophy.  I wonder if David Hume or Jean Paul Sartre would agree?

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