Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Natural vs Unnatural

I watched a show on Nova tonight about scientists at MIT and Colorado who were attempting to discover the fourth matter, Some dude and Einstein's theory of a substance that is neither gas nor liquid nor solid, but some quantum goop that can only be achieved at a billionth of a degree above absolute zero.  Now I ask you, is this natural?  The scientists actually achieved this feat and earned the Nobel prize in reward.  But again, in a million years, could this happen in nature, some element singled out and frozen by lasers, cooled by a magnetic field and finally by evaporation to reach .000000001 degree above 0K?  Well actually it does happen in nature though it took more than a million years.  By some phenomenon, it happened twice within a few months of each instance and then again later.  It isn't commonplace, but a woman scientist recently used the quantum soup to slow down light to the "speed of a bicycle," as it was put.  The fact is, anything that happens in the world happens naturally, people dying, cops riding Segues, markets collapsing, civilizations run into the ground and then replaced with others, etc.  So I guess I'm not big on meta-physics.

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