Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jesus Christ

This morning I learned how Socrates basically ruined philosophy over two thousand years ago...I guess around the time the Buddha was touring India, but I can't confirm that.  Anyway, before Socrates probably one of the first "Masters of the Universe," Pythagoras, of the theorem fame, who, by the way, never put any of his thoughts into writing, took the world by storm using mathematics, philosophy, religion, and mysticism among other fields of study.  He was a true polymath in the likes of da Vinci and company who graced the world with incredible insight and charisma.  That got me thinking of Jesus. 
It is undeniable the contributions Jesus made to the world, but as blasphemous as it may be, he was rather limited in his fields of expertise.  Ok, so he was the son of a carpenter.  He was like Alvin Maker.  But I wonder if he got A's in school?  Was he in the gifted and talented program?  Were the drawings his mother put on the refrigerator, like, masterpieces, or were they scribbles not unlike my own daughters'?  Where is the Jesus Theorem?  or the Jesus Stock Market Index?  I'm sure he would have earned a few honorary doctorates in theology, but what of the sciences?  What about mathematics?
That would be a good area to research.  If he was so smart, then he probably wasn't as one dimensional as he is depicted today.  I mean, wouldn't that be plausible?  It seems that just about all of the great philosopher were equally master mathematicians.  Why else would I be relearning calculus at 40?

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