Monday, December 22, 2008

Category error

I was talking to my friend Mark a few weeks ago about my philosophy of action, which is not that different from Hume or empiricism or phenomology, and he told me of a psychology term called something like "category error" where you can mistakenly categorize one action into that of another.  The error occurs where the two elements are not of the same category though you assume they are.  I quickly recanted my statement which brought that up because I knew how semantics can easily muddle any thought (thanks Wittgenstein you make everything complicated), but now I know how to deal with category errors (again in a Wittgenstein fashion).  Category errors cannot exist because you cannot have categories since they only exist in one's mind and since thinking is wack, there can be no categories and thus no errors.  This doesn't negate the fact that he was right and my comparison of lions and people cannot apply since they are more different than alike...however they are still both members of the same animal kingdom even though many humans do not think that to be so.  Well they are both not plants or inorgainic (prove something by proving the opposite cannot be)...both can kill and eat others--that is undeniable.

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