Sunday, November 2, 2008

When Is Social Networking Really Networking?

Like anything else that is trendy, the Internet experts are thowing around Social Networking like it's a phenomenon bigger than XML.  That's a joke if you didn't know it.  The only way to us "Social Networks" for networking are to measure the results.  How do you measure it?  If the goal of business is to get customers, then simply track how many customers came from social networking sites?  Simple.  If you get customers from Facebook, then your networking by social networking is successful.  If you aren't getting any customers, but simply having fun surfing the net, then it's all social.  The really successful know how to use their networks to their benefit whether it is online or offline.  They get jobs, references, recommendations, advice, help, etc. from their network of contacts.  If you want to start finding success in the same manner, then just learn how to network (not much more than asking people for things).

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