Sunday, November 23, 2008

Top of the food chain

guitar hero

It is totally obvious now, but I never made the connection before.  The top of the food chain is the rockstar.  Sure there are plenty of cush jobs out there and plenty of lucky bastards or powerful men and women, but the real top of the food chain is the rockstar.  Imagine this, if men were still monkeys and the world was how it was, the Lion had no predators, well maybe the hayenas, but that is another story.

lion breeding

The Lion is an awesome creature.  They live in packs, they sleep most of the day.  The male lion has his females (five or six of them) go out and hunt for him while he lounges around.  Then when it is time to get busy, it is an all day affair.  Now I ask you, who is more like this, Axel Rose or Bill Gates?  Gene Simmons or Mike Bloomberg?  Who can forget Bill Clinton's sexual hangups?  With all that money and power, he couldn't even get a little action on the side without getting impeached.  That ain't king of the anything.

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