Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thinking is Wack

Philosophy, as I am learning has deep roots in mathematics.  I never knew this, but Descartes, Spinoza, Wittgenstein, among others were brilliant mathematicians.  Learning that fact even motivated me to dig up my old calculus and differential equations books (really I threw those out with enthusiasm since I skated by with less than stellar grades), so I checked some out of the library and bought a fat calc book for $5 on Amazon so it can sit on my shelf for the next several years collecting dust.  Well, I must admit, another reason for trying to relearn my higher mathematics that I supposedly learned at college was to help me understand another complex subject, algorithms.  In addition, after reading the book Maestro about Alan Greenspan, who I learned liked to do calculus in his spare time, I see that advanced economics is math heavy.  Does that mean that math is the root of all?  Some may argue that it is--God is dead, and all, but I am more inclined to put the subject, Philosophy one level higher.  Along those lines, Economics as well as Art supercede math.  In fact, I'm coming to the conclusion that math is simply a tool, albeit a very useful one, but I'm thinking that there is no truth in math, and based on a previous post, since there is no truth in thinking, only action then--philosophical conjectures based on mathematical (or geometric) proofs or ones baed on reason are utterly devoid of meaning (somehow I don't think I can use that word when talking armchair philosophy), so devoid of use...which brings be to the new idea for the day...intellectuals are only as powerful as the people that act them out.  That's probably one of the poorest written sentences, but to someone who understands what I'm trying so clumsily to say, it is a truism that lifts a veil of superiority over anyone that thinks they are smart...including me, which conclusively states, that to be smart, all you have to do is point out the obvious, and the obvious can only be related to observation, so Thinking is Wack.

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