Friday, November 28, 2008

Sponge Bob Macy's Parade

Sponge Bob Macy's Parade, originally uploaded by Vidaschi.

Went to the parade this year. It was freezing cold. Technically, it wasn't freezing, but when we got there at 6:00AM it was 39 F. By parade time it was a balmy 41 F. The only problem was we were in the shade and there was a constant 5-10 mph breeze blowing into our faces. We were right on the parade route so there weren't any people in front of us to sheild us from the wind.
After 2 hours of this my younger daughter had had enough and said she wanted to go home and didn't care about the parade. Fortunately my brother came and was able to take her for a walk and find a place for her to warm up. By the time the parade started she was all smiles. The parade was pretty uneventful. It was fun and totally a NY thing to do, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. My older daughter got to see one of the cast members of Wicked in the parade and she is still riding high from that. Other than that, we are all warm again and full with turkey. I don't think we are going to go next year unless it's going to be 65 F like it was in 2006.

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