Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sleep is good

picture of some guy sleeping

Sometimes making life easier is hard work.  Today I slept in.  My mind is kind of slow this morning.  Sometime I used to think that if you have a problem, then sleeping on it can help you solve it.  I read a blog post recently that opposes that view (find link....which is virtually impossible these days), but I passed over it because I didn't have time or any inclination to read it, but whatever it stated, it was probably right.

For the past few years, I've found that through days of prolonged sleep deprivation I get more ideas flowing through my head.  Maybe it's getting my brain revved up, maybe something else, but it is a recurring event.  Wrestle with a problem for days on end and you will come to a conclusion one way or another.  Get a good night's sleep and your body will be well rested, but your mind will be back to square one.

Now this fit's in with my new philosophy that action is everything and thinking is wack.  Get rest.  Do instead of think.  Nothing to figure out as the Tao preaches.  All thoughts should be passed over in silence.  Why are you still reading this?

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  1. Yes. You are so right. You are more right than you think, but that's the beauty of it. The less you think, the more right you can be.

    I think now you finally understand what the Matrix was all about. Aside from living without thinking, the next great untainted life activity is dreaming. You know the movie the Matrix? That movie was brilliant. The only people that were trapped were the ones who were "awake." Everyone else was in a heavenly bliss. The more the awake ones were, the more troubled their lives were.

    Everyone should sleep and dream and live in their dreams--where anything and everything is possible--and that isn't even an understatement. Why are people's "dreams" something wonderful to strive for? Because dreams are where heaven is.


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