Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Need to save this idea for later, but saw a bunch of Saas news bits today, but don't have time to read or try to make any connections:
TODO: consume these articles:
Gotta say, open source is a three legged chair right now.  No money, no saas.  Why fund something to give it away?  Well, I can't say the exec's shouldn't be doing this already instead of living in billion dollar homes, but that's a socialist idea and nobody likes to hear that.  But to the point, if there is a model (say open source) that sounds so good, but it is heavily dependent on funding.  I remember doing a research bit on a drug company and it's biggest drug.  Take that away and what happens?  You can imagine.  This must be a common occurance....of course it is.  But everyone turns a blind eye to it while things are good.  It's only when things are bad do people think they have to analyze things.  I'm sure the housing and banking industries were as unstable as they appeared now.  It's easier to just assume a cycle is a trend, but what can you do?

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