Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Ruminating Runner

This morning I had a good session running on the treadmill.  I also had a good session in my head...I'll never forget the saying that if you think a half hour of running is boring it's because you can't bear to spend a half hour with you.

Here's what I was thinking about (and managed to scribble on a pad of paper):
  1. If you could, you would.
  2. What's stopping you...internal LOC
  3. You know your potential already
  4. Are you doing or waiting?
  5. Socrates needed to die.
My thought process was that there is no such thing as potential, because if you die then what of the potential.  I say it was never there to begin with since it could not be shown.  Would John Lennon have written another song if he wasn't murdered?  Maybe yes maybe no.  Maybe it would have sucked, maybe it would have been the best ever.  These are all futures that cannot exist because we don't know what was going on inside of his head aside from his actions.  His actions told us only what he did.  If he could have written a better song, he would have.  For these reasons it is not a good idea to wait around thinking and pondering all day.  Socrates was executed to make a point.  There is no place for the thinker in the world, only the doer.  If Socrates had lived, maybe he would have made this connection...thoughts are only good if they lead to action.  Action without thought is the purest.

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