Friday, November 14, 2008

My Legs Hurt...Bad

Last night was our second game of the season.  I'm still reeling from our loss.  We got killed, not because the other team was better than us, but they were in shape and we were not.  Well, I won't speak for everyone, but I definitely was a poor sap.  For the past week I've been running, trying to get my wind and my legs back, but it simply takes time.  Even though I was totally psyched to get on the field, within 5 minutes I had a huge pain in my right thigh.  I could run through the pain, but it really hurt.  I even had a break away at one point and as I was sprinting I almost lost my balance and fell on my face.  I couldn't even run 25 yards.  Now that sucks.  By the end of the game my other thigh was cramping up as well so I sat out the last 5 minutes of the game in excruciating pain.  My leg still feels like there's an apple lodged under my skin but at least I can walk up and down stairs.  Last week I couldn't even do that.  Thank god for anti-inflammatories.  Tomorrow morning I'll hit the treadmill to loosen up my muscles, but it's time to step up my training. 

When the body can't do what the mind wants it to, you just have to accept it.  Last night when I was sitting in a hot bath, recovering from my youthful spirit combined with my old bones, I was wrestling with the idea of "action philosophy" and how the mind can effect bodily functions (like meditation) and could my mind loosen up my thigh muscles just by thinking?  Well no, of course it couldn't just from thinking.  It can because there is a physical connection between the two my theory is intact.  My mantra, still in draft, What would the world be like if no one could think?  Exactly how it is.

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