Saturday, November 1, 2008

In the Zone

A friend of mine has published a book where he advocates the practice of awareness to the most basic level. Simply stated, realize what you are doing and why you are doing it, weighing in any factors in your past that might be influencing your actions or decision making ability, such as emotional baggage or fallacies in your logic. While this is one state of thinking, there is another that I can't dismiss. It is the exact opposite of awareness. Though unawareness is probably as accurate term as I'd need, I think that "in the zone" is another state that deserves some consideration. When you are "in the zone" as athletes, public speakers, computer programmers, etc. occasionally self-proclaim, this is a state of pure bliss. You are not thinking, decisions are automated, there is no second guessing, you just do. Now imagine being "in the zone" for a lifetime. I can't see any harm in that. I also can't see a need to go to church in that situation either.

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