Saturday, November 15, 2008

Healing Muscles

Figured out what was wrong with my legs. I have been running at a slight incline on my treadmill, mostly because it shakes less at a 2 or 3 degree incline and makes less noise. What happened is my legs have been conditioned to running uphills-short stride. So when I'm playing soccer and need to sprint, I need to stretch out my legs and those muscles are not toned and then cramp up...and h-u-r-t. Today I switched the treadmill around so I'm running at a slight downhill incline. I really feel my muscles being stretched. It actually hurts, but in a good way. My cardio is kicking back in, so the run was easy. Getting to know my body again was almost fun...almost. Tonight I'm going to try to play a few games of squash to see if my legs still work.

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