Saturday, November 1, 2008

God is Instinct Gone Awry

Take a man and throw him in the middle of nowhere. I can bet on what he will do. He'll try to find food and shelter. And that's what he'll do for the rest of his life...unless shelter is guaranteed to him. Then he will spend his days searching for and consuming food. Why would he do this? Because it's his instict. It's as basic as waking and sleeping; as predictable as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. Is there meaning? Sure, why not? But does anything matter aside from conducting daily activities in a manner to sustain life? Not really. If he is strong and swift, he may be an omnivore. If he is weak and frail he may be a vegetarian. If he is nimble he may find a home in the trees. If he is diminutive he may find a burrow in the hollow of a tree. "Who he is" will be determined by his physical attributes. "Why he is" does not change. I am that man. Who I am is because of my physical attributes. Why I am, is the same why a monkey lives in a jungle. It really is that simple. Food and shelter are given. Survival is guaranteed. Survival instincts have drifted into a stagnant mire, withering, mutating and wandering. Eventually God showed up.

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