Monday, November 24, 2008

Blogging for Nothing

For the most part, blogging is kind of lame.  If someone unplugged the internet today and there were no blog posts, who would care?  Probably not many people, myself included.  The problem is that there is very little continuity.  There is very little organization.  Blogging is unproductive and unmanageable.  It's funny because blogging is what got me started with the internet about a dozen years ago.  I used to keep a journal (Henry Reed taught me that boys keep journals and girls keep diaries) and jot down notes and drawings.  Actually I can remember one of the first journals.  One day when I was out riding my bike, I saw a stack of National Geographics on the curb for trash pick up.  It was a nice big stack so I grabbed as many as I could carry and brought them home.  I went back a couple of times and got the rest.  Over the next few weeks I flipped through them looking at the pictures finding some interesting and some not, mostly the former.  I cut out interesting pictures and made some collages.  Others I cut out and pasted into a sketchbook.  I also left room to write stuff since the photos I was drawn to were the ones that were the most shocking.  Natty Geo has lots of these.  Some of the pictures were of starving kids, others were of animals killing prey, others were of angry mobs and innocent victims, and several others depicting carnage and human suffering.  That stuff used to bother me.  Now I accept it.  But those photos and related stories and incidents never cease to spark deep thoughts about existence and struggle.  Several things also spur not so deep thoughts and lots of static.  So that is why I blog.  I don't blog to share anything, but I blog to document my ideas.  I hope that by writing things down, my train of thought can be continuous instead of cyclical as it usuall is.  If there was a better way to blog to do this, then let me know.


  1. How about combining some of your web apps to make some way to create circular references to blog posts.

  2. You could also try to incorporate a wiki with your blog. That is if your posts have any meaning.


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