Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amazon found a winner with the Kindle

I think the Kindle is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.  I've seen people on the subway reading their kindle and it looks so abnormal that I can't imagine that I'd ever own one of my own.  That doesn't mean that it won't be wildly successful.  It reminds me of a laptop sized Palm III.  So the Palm sucks now, but it's idea has lived on in the smart phone (something else I don't have...can't afford).  So I prefer audio books to kindle books, but you wouldn't know that, because my el-cheapo SanDisk mp3 player doesn't play videos and you'd never know that I have a dozen books on it.  It just doesn't look cool.  It has no bling.  The Kindle, however does.  The Kindle is a status symbol.  You can whip out your Kindle and people immediately think, wow this person reads books.  They must be smart...just as the person who displays prominently their white earbuds and ipod, they are cool because they listen to cool music.  Little do you know that they are jamming to REO Speedwagon.  So the Kindle is another Ipod which is another Iphone, which is another BMW.  Simply a status symbol.  I gotta get one.  At least after I shed my spare tire.  That is a prole symbol that I've been plagued with ever since I had kids, but I'll leave that for another day.

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