Sunday, November 23, 2008

Always be closing

ABC Always Be Closing.  I love that movie.  I wish I could have seen the play.  It's so intense, it is surreal...hyper-real.  I read an article on some tech blog on employees who are closers.  The author was not referring to the Glen Garry type, but a type of employee who, to use somewhat of a simpleton's analogy, one who closes drawers (as opposed to those that leave dresser drawers open) in reference to projects or tasks.  Some employees can start a task and finish it and some people can't.  The type who can are like any wife and the type who can't are like any husband (or at least in the author's point of view).  I suppose that is a fair judgment, but she did not really take into account the manager who is the one assigning the task.  Maybe she was talking about people with adult ADHD and those employees are incapable of staying focused enough to finish anything, but I think she was just talking about the people who get to a certain point and just stop.  I believe that a manager has something to do with this problem.  What is happening is the employee does what they feel they have to and that's about it.  It is the manager who is the person who wants the project done.  The manager is the one who wants it done to their satisfaction.  The employee does it to their satisfaction.  The gap between the two is equivalent to the blood pressure of the manager.  Anyone who has kids should understand this age old problem.  There is a type-a personality and then there's everyone else.  So I believe what the author of the artilce really wants is a employee/husband who is just like them.  Anything less is less.

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