Thursday, October 30, 2008

Physicilist? Is that a word?

While I try to track down any writings, which dismiss the metaphysical and the supernatural, I keep running into some line of philosophy called Physicalist Reductionism, and that isn't me. It seems the Phys-Redux people are taking a stand against God, but that isn't my point at all. In all likelihood, there is a God, an unknowable God since She exists outside of our universe. Where I am going in the Physicalist direction is that, has anyone ever made anyone else smile simply with a thought? I'm sure people like Edgar Cayce and other modern day mystics would answer in a resounding yes, but I mean for real. Too bad Tesla had to die before he could invent more things. If anyone could give me an answer it would have been him. But back to the basics. People are animals. Animals have instinct. Animals survive by instinct. Therein lies the Taoist perfection. Why bother with trying to explore your mind, when all it is filled with is meaningless chatter (not unlike the Internet).

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