Thursday, October 23, 2008

Philosophy of Me

Over the past few months, I've been listening to Paul Strathern's expert introductions to the most fascinating philosophical writers of history. From Descartes to Dostoevsky, he gives very entertaining histories of these great men (where's the women? still to be written I guess).

My mind is racing with all that I've drowned myself in. I have theories of my own and that's why I'm writing this note to myself...My mind and my body are inseparable. It isn't an easy thing to explain, but that's the crux of the problem. You see, everyone has their own mind and thoughts. Was it Descartes who said that everyone is born with the same amount of common sense? But everyone takes things in differently and then acts differently based on those experiences. Why then are we not all carbon copies of each other? Because we have different physical bodies. If I was bred from a fine cloth, I'd be doing something other than blogging at 6am under the huge stress of providing for a family of amidst the biggest financial crisis in history (luckily it is still on paper and hasn't materialized into the physical world just yet, even though I was told I'd be out of a job in two weeks). So why are some swans black and some white? I always like to bring my analogies back down to the most basic element...nature...and the lion. I wonder if lions sit around all day contemplating their existence? Probably not. It just is what it is. I wonder if a lion ever drove itself insane because of the curse of not knowing why it was. Actually, thanks to Schopenhauer, we know it wouldn't be considered a curse, just indifference, but blah blah blah. I'm rambling so now I'll stop.

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