Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New Philosophy is Action

I think I figured it all out yesterday, though right now it is somewhat cloudy, I can still remember most of the details.  The meaning of life dawned on me once again.  I finally realize that there is no such thing as desire.  Desire is a fabrication of one's own mind and one's own mind is a mere blink of an eye or twitch of the nose--a non event with no purpose or value.  Yes. It is true.  The ancient and modern Philosophers had it totally backwards.  Descartes and I think therefore I am was fooling himself.  He thought therefore he wrote a book.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You see, what goes on in your head is not what counts.  Action is what counts.  Intentions and desires are really just imaginary things.  Can anyone really know what motivates anyone else?  No.  Greed, love, envy, happiness, selfishness, selflessness...are all fabrications to try to explain peoples' actions.  In the end the only thing that matters are the actions. When people lose their minds, they are just trapped in thought and cannot escape.  If you can throw off all your thoughts and fears and wishes (sounds like the Buddha?) then you reduce yourself to the beauty of a infant or toddler no less.  Descartes, Kant, Spinoza, Schopenhauer, et al. were all trying to us mathematics and logic to give their lives meaning.  All they succeeded in doing was writing down a whole lot of circular proofs of nothing.  Where is philosophy today?  Is the dollar the new ethic?  Is information the currency of the time?  I would argue that information is the new prison and the Internet is the biggest prison of them all.  Does the internet really exist?  Sure it does, but the new masters of the obvious, e.g., K. Kelly, M. Gladwell, N. Taleb and company offer no tangible gains to humankind.  Google, with all of it's search technology and internet dominance serve only it's employees, not the happless people like me writing a blog or you reading one.  You know who benefits?  The coders and admins and owners who eat gourmet meals everyday and play volleyball in the sun and ride bicycles in the fresh air and actually smile when they get up in the morning.  Those are the actions that benefit them as a result of the wasted hours and fabricated needs of the billions of intenet followers.  They are the aristocrates and we are the slaves.  Information and intellectualism are the shackles that bound me in the past and are likely to do so in the future, though hopefully less so, now I have woken up to it's dangers.  It's almost 2:00am Eastern Standard Time.  "Last night" I slept three hours to the night before's one hour.  I have coding projects that are years behind schedule that consume me and my life.  Luckily I have some sanity left even though the state of the economy is on the brink of the next Great Depression.  Are we educated enough now to avoid such annoyances such as scarcity and poverty?  Hamlet was so right.  He was a dope on the magnitude of Wile. E. Coyote.  You know the funny thing is that this is not over...only just started.  The next chapter of the book involves finding meaning in life solely based on physical attributes.  Right now I need to fill my short, pudgy, aging body with stimulants so I can clean the house in preparation for a new day, but that is my "fate" at present.  If I had the power to grow younger, taller, leaner, and handsomer, wouldn't you think that I would be in a phat house with a trophy wife and model kids?  Of course I the upcoming prison of my mind I will attempt to prove that are who you are and where you are in life because of your genes, not excluding external factors, though, but more so as a result of what you look like than what you think like....

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  1. Perhaps you should look up the subject, Physicalism or Logical Positivism. You might find some interesting ideas along your line of thinking!


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