Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Philosophy of Me

I think that there is no way to separate mind from body.  Your personality and everything else are products of these two parts of you.  If I were any other way, I'd not be sitting here doing what I'm doing--not that I don't have a choice in what I do or where I find myself, but my body, chemical and physical, have an integral effect on my mind, which is trying to figure out if life has meaning.  I guess that is the question that should not be asked for obvious reasons, but I leave that for another blog post--memory trigger--did Hoffmann paint his ethics?  I'm tempted to believe so.  If Spinoza could document his philosophy in words, why not Hoffmann document his in media?  I digress...Here's my point for starting this post...your mind does not determine your future, your mind and body do.  Desire does not exist.  Only the manifestation of that "desire," which needs the body to do the action.  To be continued...

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